The Best Chic Girl Outfits Style Ideas for Women’s Fashion

The Best chic girl outfit style for woman fashion.
The Best chic girl outfit style for woman fashion. Scandinavian aesthetic and fashion outfits you need today. Build your own capsule wardrobe.

What is a Chic Outfit?

Chic fashion is defined as a luxurious and classy style. Quality fabrics, simplicity and elegance are the main characteristics of chic outfits for women. Easy right? Well, if you feel lost and don’t know what to wear, creating a chic capsule wardrobe might just be the one thing you need.

The good news is there are different ways to start. The best way to start, and the easiest ways is to think about colors. Neutral colors are essential for the casual chic look and to create a casual chic outfit. Combining neutral colors with a pop of color will give you that timeless chic look for women.

Including that oh so lovely trench coat, the basic essential white shirt, wide-leg pants and the black blazer will just make your entire morning routine a blast. 

Neutral Colors for Building a Chic Wardrobe

I will say the Scandinavians love the soft warm neutral colors, but a pop of color could also just be what you need today. Embrace the elegance of neutral colors in your wardrobe, which is the best way to achieve a casual chic look effortlessly.

Find the perfect outfit for that special occasion without breaking the bank, or just put on some red lipstick to get that extra vibe going and some bright colors. 

Outfit Ideas for Different Occasions

A capsule wardrobe full of chic outfits will make it so easy to dress for either a first date dinner or just a Saturday brunch with friends. Tips: A classic trench coat is one of the easiest ways to achieve a casual chic style.

The Best Chic Girl Outfits Style Ideas for Women's Fashion
The Best Chic Girl Outfits Style Ideas for Women’s Fashion. Scandinavian aesthetic and fashion outfits you need today. Build your own capsule wardrobe.

The Essentials of a Chic Outfit

Building a capsule wardrobe is the best way to curate your casual chic essentials and get that chic girl outfit look. To create a casual chic style will not take you a long time, as long as you get those classic pieces into your wardrobe capsule.

So, to get that casual look with clean lines a great way to start is to buy some essential pieces for your casual chick wardrobe. 

In my opinion, the key pieces in a chic outfit capsule wardrobe are these: 

1. Wide-leg pants

2. Casual denim jeans (not skinny jeans!)

3. Long skirt

4. White shirt

5. White tee

6. Tank top

7. Turtle neck sweater

8. Black blazer in high-quality fabrics

9. Big and soft sweater

10. Warm camel coat or a lighter trench coat

11. Black Chelsea boots

12. Simple accessorizing 

Every woman’s wardrobe should also include a little black dress, a true chic outfit essential. And when we are at it, you might want to have a pair of high heels just for that right occasion. 

I promise you these essential pieces will give you a great look making you feel confident with that fashion sense on fleek – giving you that chick status. 

Wide-leg pants 

Adding wide-leg pants to your wardrobe is a great choice for achieving a casual chic style. I both love the black wide-leg pants and the beige classy wide-leg pants. They both fit perfectly into a casual chic wardrobe you will love for years. Especially in the winter season when those wide-leg pants will keep you warm, especially if you invest in wool pants. 

Casual denim jeans last forever

The perfect fit denim jeans can last for years – as long as you find the perfect color with the fit perfect for you. I love mine in 100% cotton, straight-leg jeans and a bit short, so I can show off some colorful socks with white sneakers. 

Long skirt in the wind

A long skirt is a great alternative to formal dresses or that little black dress. Especially those beautiful satin skirts I’ve spotted lately. So elegant and chic! Wear a long skirt together with a tank top, a blouse or just a wide simple white shirt. And don’t forget your black Chelsey boots. The perfect mix of elegance, chick and authority. 

The Best Chic Girl Outfits Style Ideas for Women's Fashion
The Best Chic Girl Outfits Style Ideas for Women’s Fashion

The white shirt just like Matilda Djerf wears it

Matilda Djerf created the white shirt comeback! And I must say I love how a simple white shirt can completely transform your style and chic outfit. The importance of investing in quality classic pieces such as a white button-down shirt is a must. 

White tee and tank top forever 

Having a white tee in your wardrobe capsule is a must! And especially to find ones in high-quality fabrics to get that chic style. Looking for a chic outfit idea? Put on a basic white tee, a white shirt, jeans and black boots  – and voilá you look amazing. If the weather is warm you switch the white tee with a tank top instead. 

​The soft turtle neck sweater

To get that casual chic look I often go for a black turtle neck as part of my everyday pieces. If it is really cold it is perfect with a big and warm turtle neck, but some days a thinner turtle neck is perfect under a black blazer to achieve that chic city outfits look. 

Black blazer for a classy style

The best way to make any outfit more classy is to add a black blazer. The minimalistic black blazer can transform your everyday look into something extraordinary. I must say I completely love it! I use it over a simple white tee, a white shirt or a warmer turtle neck sweater. 

The best big and soft sweater perfect for winter 

A soft sweater is exactly what you need to enjoy fall and winter at its most. Forget looking Parisian classy – the Scandinavian chic comfy stile is what you need to embrace during winter. When I come home I put the black blazer in my closet and put on a soft and warm sweater instead. 

The warm camel coat that will save your style and your wellbeing 

I am going to be honest with you now. Since forever (and I mean since I was like 14) I’ve always dreamt of owning a Max Mara camel coat. In my opinion, they have the most beautiful coats ever existing on this planet. Just taste the words: A Max Mara coat. I think it is love at first sight haha. So run to the store and get one if you can. 

The best chic aesthetic wardrobe essential for your capsule wardrobe
The best chic aesthetic wardrobe essential for your capsule wardrobe

Black Chelsey boots for fall and winter 

I got mine last fall and I used them throughout the whole winter. Except when it was minus 10 degrees, then I needed my snow boots. But else, they made me look chic throughout the winter. I think I will just do the same strategy this year haha. 


The final touches are of course a pretty purse and some nice jewelry. Creating a chic capsule wardrobe is a long-time project, so don’t just throw yourself over hero handbags and tell yourself you got the best deal ever. The same applies to jewelry. Buy something with great quality that will last forever and that you can imagine wearing year after year. 

So to look fantastically chic every day, the best advice I can give you is to create a capsule wardrobe consisting of the essential pieces described above for your everyday wear.



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